Friday, August 24, 2018

What Are the Chances?

What Are the Chances?
Debora Lisle

            There comes a time in many people’s lives when it’s their turn to look after their parents.  It became that time in my life - my mother could no longer live alone.  I was going to have to find a place where she could live and be cared for.  
After some searching I was able to find such a facility, where she would be able to live in a little apartment that would allow her some independence.  Although it did not have a full kitchen, it did have a microwave, so she would be able to do some cooking for herself.  Having seen the place, she liked it but… found one fault.  It did not have a “real oven.”  Having only a microwave made it unacceptable to her, because she loved to bake.  This was very discouraging since the apartments at this facility did not offer such ovens.
It wasn’t long, however, before another apartment did become available.  We decided to take a look at it just in case she might like it better.  Lo and behold, to our amazement, on entering, we saw a real oven!!  AND not just any oven – but a pink one!  My mom’s favorite color!!  The lady who previously lived in this apartment had gotten the oven specially installed. Right away my mom found this abode to her liking.  She was even permitted to paint the whole kitchen pink!

What are the chances of something like this happening??  God knows.

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